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Jessica Wilson


My name is Jessica Wilson, Founder and Marketing Strategist at Pinch of Sult.

My first question to a new client is always, “WHY?”. WHY do you, do what you do? WHY did you get started on this journey?

There is something special about seeing a business owner recall their start up days, and express their true passion for their business.

I'd love the opportunity to speak with you and hear about YOUR WHY.

With my help, it can become your Marketing Narrative, and take you one step closer to becoming more Customer Centric. After all, people don't buy what you sell, they buy WHY you sell it.

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Career Before Pinch of Sult

Passionate about customer centricity and creating optimal levels of stakeholder engagement, Jessica worked as an online community specialist before pivoting to digital marketing and business development.

Jessica has helped several large corporate clients create their own uniquely branded panels and online communities where they can engage with their specific target markets.

These clients include FNBAbsaNedbankSanlamDiscoveryTelkomM-SureLiquid CapitalNestleShowMax - to name a few), and non-profit organisations.

She's helped refine and ignite their digital strategies and further their understanding of customer and digital marketing data to deliver on strategic objectives.

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