Consultant Profile

  • About Jessica

    Passionate about customer centricity and creating optimal levels of stakeholder engagement, Jessica worked as an online community specialist before pivoting to digital marketing and business development.

    Jessica has helped several large corporate clients (FNB, Absa, Nedbank, Sanlam, Discovery, Telkom, M-Sure, Liquid Capital, Nestle, ShowMax - to name a few), as well as non-profit organisations, either create their own uniquely branded panels and communities where they can engage with their specific target markets, i.e. clients’, employees and/or teams within their organisations or to optimise their existing ones.

    She's helped refine and ignite their digital strategies and further their understanding of customer and digital marketing data in order to deliver on strategic objectives.

    Life Before Pinch of Sult:


    Consulta - 2016 - 2019

    Functioning at a strategic level, accountable to lead the business unit and ensure it's meeting goals that contribute to the overall success of a company.

    Other areas of responsibility include strategic leadership, thought leadership, and knowledge sharing to ensure effective collaboration, and quality assurance - in terms of solution standards as well as in accordance with ESOMAR standards, the Consumer Protection and POPI act, responsible for innovation, business development and team management of the digital solution.


    Enterprises University of Pretoria - 2016 - 2019

    The CEM course specifically focuses on the development and execution of CEM measurement, strategies, and implementation providing delegates with a deeper understanding of the essentials of CEM.Organisations are increasingly recognising that customer retention, growth and profitability rely heavily on the quality of customers’ interaction with their business environments. Jessica initially helped design and then facilitate multiple courses as a thought leader on digital.


    Consulta - 2013 - 2016

    Jessica first joined the team responsible for the creation and ongoing delivery of online communities and custom panels as an administrator and later leveled up to a community manager.

    Responsible for overall project management functions, development of strategic story-line to achieve client objectives, preparation of community reports on health indicators, design and execution of interactive campaigns, invention, and execution of gamification to increase participation, prepare activities for optimal customer and user experience, community activity operations, and contact management, handling of member queries and moderation, the maintenance and quality assurance of databases; which includes driving and measurement of user profiles, online portal composition, design and management for continuous enhancement of user experience as well as deciding and defining optimal process and standard operating procedures.


    G3 Business Solutions - 2013 (Freelance)


    University of Pretoria - 2013